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                  Car Clean Prices | Protech Car Care

 Phone (03) 9762 5500 M 0491755174.

 Phone (03) 9762 5500. Factory 4/393 Dorset Road, Boronia Victoria 3155 | Copyright Protech Car Care Pty Ltd 2010

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  • Budget Car Clean                       $49
    Inc. Wash, vacuum and windows                4WD $99

  • Valet Clean                                 $99
    Inc. Wash, wheels, tyres, tyres dressed,   4WD $149
    vacuum, windows, wipe dash

  • Entry Detail
    Interior and Exterior 
    Inc. Pre-soak and detailed wash,      4WD $249
    wheels and tyres cleaned,
    jambs cleaned, vacuum, windows,
    steam clean mats, deodorisation,
    brief clean over dash/console.

    Steam clean seats                                                   $99
    Steam clean seats and carpets                           $149
    All All Prices are subject to inspection on arrival


  • Do You Take EFTPOS?
    Yes. We also take Credit Cards

    Do You Do On-Site / Mobile ?
    No. A car cannot be properly detailed on-site. We have thousands of dollars worth of products and machinery to assure the highest quality detail. Not only is it impossible to fit a whole factory into the back of a van to go mobile, we spend hours upon hours working on intricacies on your car and it would not be convenient for the customer to have a group of detailers at their residence for up to 4 days.